9 Replies to “High River Street Hockey League”

  1. Pylons & Barricades ( FYI )

    Re: Other

    We can only supply the tall 3 foot glow stick with base pylons. Again these need to be placed out back when not in use, cannot leave on the sidewalk out front. The Daily Male will be responsible for lost or stolen materials.

  2. Garbages ( Required )

    Re: Food Trucks

    The use of a food truck at the event this year will require that The Daily Male will be responsible for the street garbage cans being taken care of if they are overflowing after the event on that day.

  3. Emergency Contact ( Recommended )

    Re: Other

    In the ERP review how to contact Fire Department. For general information the 403-652-3774 can be used for all emergencies 9-1-1 is required to be used.

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